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ZF29 series Gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear
ZF29 series Gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear
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Product description

      ZF29 series gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear (GIS) is a self-developed new product of our company, it has passed type test by KEMA. The equipment is applicable for power system at rated voltage of 72.5kV, 126kV and 145kV.

    The product is three-phase common cabinet structure, and circuit breaker adopts self-arc extinguish principle with simple structure and low operation power. The isolating switchgear apply for three-phase position structure that has realized mechanical interlock between isolating switchgear and earthing switchgear.  It can be avoid of faulty operation. The modular design is used for our products which enables flexible module to fulfill optimization design of substation.



cgThree-phase common cabinet structure and the smallest interval width is 1000mm. The structure is compact so that it can save space. Each bay can be transported entirely.

For insulation test, we add lighting impulse voltage withstand ability test except for power frequency test withstand voltage and partial discharge measurement. After all index qualified products should be deliveried, so as to ensure the quality.

All enclosures are made by aluminum alloy with advanced surface coating process technology so
 that promote corrosion resistance ability, so as to adaptable extremely outdoor environment.

The busbar and outlet wire are arranged on both side of circuit breaker. By fully use tank of circuit breaker that inspection and overhaul passageway designed on both side of each set without enter into equipment and eliminate potential accidents.

    Modular design brings high flexibility to configure system and improves versatility of unit module. 
By using the least module that achieved circuit connection and reduce the category of components
improved quality control and shortened production circle, so that can meet delivery schedule for 
    In terms of analysis product internal electric field, use whole process quality chain and dimension
analysis chain etc. On the basis of ensuring stability and reliability of product, make products mi-
niaturized, safe margin maximization and cost minimization.
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Operation & Maintenance
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